Announcement on suspending my exploratory committee for the 2nd Congressional District.
I believe the Democratic Party can compete in all corners of this state.
Dear Friends and Supporters,

I’m sorry to announce that as of today I am suspending my exploratory efforts for the Kansas 2nd Congressional District race.

Traveling around the eastern third of this state over the past several months has been an amazing experience.  I’ve met great Democrats working hard to make our party a competitive force all across the region and state.  I’ve heard the anxieties and hopes of those who feel the political process has ignored them for too long and are engaging in the fight to be heard. From Kansans who believe the wealthiest country in the world should be able to provide basic health care access to its citizens to the farmers and rural residents fighting to save family farms and small town communities.

I want you all to know that I am not leaving the fight. I will continue to work to elect Democrats wherever ballots are cast and I will continue to push my party to embrace the progressive values of its base.  I believe in consumer-side economics over corporate protectionism, I believe that people, not wealth or industry, should drive the political narrative.  I believe our best days are yet to come and that we have an opportunity to reshape this country and state into one that puts the well-being of all our citizens at the forefront.

We can be the change that we seek.  It will take tireless effort to organize, resist, excite, and inform but that is what this country was built on.  Our vote is sacred. This is our government, created of, by, and for the people.  Only we can make it what we want it to be.  I urge you all to continue the struggle, proudly stand by your principles, talk with your friends and neighbors and always vote.  Thank you for the inspiration you have given me and let’s make this wave election blue!


Nathan Schmidt

Why I’m exploring a run for the 2nd Congressional District in Kansas
It is time to build a competitive Democratic Party in Kansas
We can change the political conversation in this state.
It is time for a real conversation on the direction of this country, not simplistic slogans designed to not ruffle any feathers, but substantive talk on things like single-payer healthcare for all of our citizens, affordable higher education, and responsible gun laws.  It is time to take a stand. We cannot continue to do things as we always have and hope for a different outcome.   As a candidate for the 2nd Congressional District of Kansas, I would be willing to take on those issues and more.  I ask for your support in building a political system that is responsive to the real issues voters face.